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Kate Dalleva
Kate Dalleva
I gave Carlos a timeline that I didn't think was possible, and when I realized I wasn't ready for the Miss New Jersey Beauty pageant. I looked flabby, had some weight to lose and I was afraid to be on stage in a bikini. I had four weeks left and Carlos put me on a diet where I was never hungry and coached me in the gym to transform my body. It wasn't until I was being fitted for my pageant bikini that I realized how good I looked and how my body had changed in such a short time. He was so motivating and believed I could accomplish my goal, so I did too.
- Kate Dalleva
Carlos, you would not believe how well Liam played this weekend. He was a beast! He played 4 games. His team went 3-1. He had 19 points over the four games and 8 ground balls. He had soo much confidence. No doubt it is coming from his increased strength and size! Just to give you and idea, he had only 5 points the entire season last year! He was a totally different kid. Just wanted you to know that you are making a BIG difference in his life. We really appreciate it! We can't wait for you to see him play this spring. You will be very impressed!!! Keep up the hard work!!! He loves the results! Thank you!
- Happy Parents of Liam Powderly
Christine Powderly
John and Christine Powderly
Helen Whelan
Helen Whelan
Carlos has helped me to change my life! I was a student athlete back in the day who essentially took 20 years off. After I turned 40 I made the decision that it was time to focus back on me. I started training with Carlos 9 months ago. He's tough when I need him to be and compassionate, and understanding when I need that side too. I train with Carlos one to two times a week but he kept reminding me that it was my eating that was going to make the REAL difference. The last three months I decided to try the “Carlos” eating plan and so far I’ve lost 4 inches! He now has the right to say, “I told you so!” I’m almost back to where I was 8 years ago before I lost my parents. I feel AMAZING and I owe it all to my trainer extraordinaire Carlos Dorsey!
- Helen Whelan
Hi Carlos, I'm absolutely amazed at the improvement I've noticed after 5 weeks of healthy eating and kicking ass at the gym. I'm never tired anymore, my energy levels have gone up dramatically, and have the best blood pressure readings ever. I've increased my flexibility by 11 inches, trimmed inches off my waist, lowered by BMI and have improved cardio conditioning. All this because of the expertise and knowledge of the best trainer EVER, Carlos Dorsey. I couldn’t be happier! You rule! I will never go back to my old lifestyle!
- Magdalena Coffman
Magdalena Coffman
Magdalena Coffman
Mary Beth Schmalbac
I began personal training with Carlos Dorsey near the end of January 2013 and he has transformed my body in just a year! I’ve been an exercise fanatic since high school and was used to working out fairly strenuously and have never been overweight, but as I settled into middle age my metabolism changed and so did my shape. I started developing subcutaneous fat in my belly area that didn’t go away, no matter how hard I exercised. After meeting with a nutritionist and studying healthy eating plans, I changed my diet in order to neutralize my belly fat and continued to make further changes, but my middle stubbornly refused to decrease in size. Upon the recommendation of a friend, I changed personal trainers and started working with Carlos.

Carlos created an eating plan specifically for me, as well an individual workout plan. I’ve done my part in that I’ve stuck to his diet, but it really hasn’t been hard to do because I started seeing results right away! My belly fat started to disappear quickly and, to my considerable surprise, I’ve lost 17 pounds! I never expected to lose that much weight, and now I have to eat more, not less, to maintain my weight loss! My pants size has gone from a 4 to a 2 to a 0 to a 00! Carlos’ exercise regimen has increased my strength and improved my overall physical conditioning rather dramatically, even though I’d been working with a personal trainer for years and had been in good physical shape before I started training with Carlos. Again, he has surprised me with how much his training program has changed me for the better! I’m very happy with how lean my body is now and also with my increased energy level.

I’m so glad that I listened to my friend and decided to give Carlos’ program a try. Working with him has transformed my physique!
- Mary Beth Schmalbac

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